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New streaming service from Deutsche Grammophon

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I’ve just seen that Deutsche Grammophon have started their own streaming service, Stage+,  for both audio and video. I really hope this doesn’t mean that they will be withdrawing their content from other platforms or reserving future releases as Stage+ exclusives.  

It does seem relatively expensive (€14.99 per month, or €149 per year) for single label content although I suppose the inclusion of video material may add sufficient value to tempt some subscribers.

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<sigh> I do think they'll hide recordings away in Stage+.

The silo-ing of content, whether it's TV or music, is a terrible disservice to consumers. How many people can afford a Stage+ subscription plus a subscription to another streaming service to get what is not available behind the Deutsche Grammophon paywall. I wonder if Hyperion will follow suit?

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