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Hyperion label has ...
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Hyperion label has been sold.

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Looks like Hyperion has just been sold to Universal (see: Slipped Disc). It's sad to see another independent label subsumed into one of the majors.  On the plus side, perhaps we'll soon start to see the fantastic catalogue of Hyperion recordings appearing on streaming services.

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Posted by: @paul

Looks like Hyperion has just been sold to Universal

Wow, thanks for sharing that news!

I agree that, on one hand, it’s sad to see Hyperion has been sold to one of the big labels… and I imagine that some of the musicians they represent will be wondering what that means for their own recording futures.

But the plus side you mention could be huge for all of us, if Hyperion’s catalogue really does become available to stream.  In my opinion, the lack of Hyperion has been by far the most significant hole in the classical streaming offering (and it was hard to see how that strategy might be sustainable for Hyperion either).  

I’m already thinking of all those favourite Hyperion albums and looking forward to streaming them. Hopefully 😊



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What interesting news.

I immediately wonder what recordings I would want to hear first IF Hyperion's catalogue becomes available for streaming. I tend to think of performers rather than specific works: Graham Johnson (and all the singers he has accompanied), the Florestan Trio, Angela Hewitt, Takacs Quartet, Alina Ibragimova, .....

Googling for "top hyperion recordings" throws up this remarkably eclectic selection:

Most popular albums ever - Hyperion Records - CDs, MP3 and Lossless downloads (

Whatever happens, I very much hope that the liner notes (a hugely valuable resource) will still be easily available.