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Thinking about this piece

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I shared one of my favourite pieces by Frederic Mompou with Dinah, and realised it deserves more public attention! (Folks from the Primephonic forum days might remember me mentioning it there.) It's called Damunt De Tu Només Les Flors. The words and music are exquisite.

My favourite performance is an orchestrated version with Victoria de los Angeles, but as I was thinking about this piece today, I did a Google search and this gem was the first thing to pop up:


Then there are the beautiful words. Here's the original Catalan, and English and French translations (thanks to Lyricstranslate):

Damunt de tu, només les flors

Damunt de tu, només les flors
eren com una ofrena blanca
de la llum qui daven al teu cos;
mai més serien de la branca...
Tota una vida de perfum,
amb el seu bes, t'era donada.
Tu resplendies de la llum
per l'esguard clos atresorada!
Si hagués pogut ésser sospir
de flor.. Donar-me com un llir
a tu, perquè la meva vida
s'anés marcint;
s'anés marcint sobre el teu pit!
I no saber mai més la nit
que al teu costat fóra esvaïda...

Over Your Body, Only The Blossoms

Over your body, only the blossoms
Where like a white offering
Thanks to the light that they lent to your shape;
They would never hang from the branch again...
A whole life, filled with perfume,
Was conceded to you thanks to their kiss.
You reverberated with that light
Treasured by my attentive stare!
I wish I had been able to become a blossom's
Sigh... Give myself like a lily
To you, so that my life
Could slowly wither;
So that it could slowly wither on your chest!
And then, I wouldn't see the night ever again
For, by your side, it would be erased...

Seules les fleurs, au-dessus de toi...

Seules les fleurs, au-dessus de toi,
étaient comme l'offrande blanche
de la lumière qu'elles donnaient à ton corps ;
plus jamais elles ne seraient suspendues à la branche …
Toute une vie de parfum,
avec son baiser, t'a été donnée.
Tu resplendissais de cette lumière
précieuse dans le secret de mon regard !
Si j'avais pu être un soupir
de fleur .. Me donner à toi comme un lys,
pour que ma vie,
si elle se fane,
qu'elle se fane sur ta poitrine !
Et ne jamais savoir à la nuit
qu'à ton côté, elle s'effacerait ...


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That was an amazing song. Thank you so much for sharing. Victoria de los Angeles is amazing, such a warm beautiful voice 💐😍

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