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Oh dear!

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I think it would be a hard thing as a solo performer to be saddled with the name "Bach". Unfortunately, I don't think Sonya Bach has yet risen to meet that burden; and it's a burden of her own making, as her real name is Park So-yeon.

I recklessly asked Alexa this morning "Play a Bach keyboard concerto" without naming a particular album or performance. Alexa responded with this:

which is also available on Spotify here:

but I can't find it on Adagio, maybe on purpose.

From the first bars, I thought "Oh no, where is the nuance?" Not merely from Sonya Bach, but from the English Chamber Orchestra as well. The second movement of No. 5 was equally metronomic. I made it halfway through the album and gave up.

Now, having been accused of being a little harsh already this week ( 🤣 ) and knowing that the Angela Hewitt and Australian Chamber Orchestra performance, which I listen to at least once a fortnight, is hard to match, I thought I'd dig around a little to find out more about Ms. Bach. And I came across this review in Gramophone:

So if I am a little harsh, at least I'm in good company. 😀

PS. I'm going to keep my comments about the album cover for another topic!


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Never listened to Ms Bach before, but that article was .... ouch!!