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What are topic tags for?

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I’ve noticed that some of the topics have been modified recently to add in extra tags.  How are tags used?  Is there some guidance to help us take a uniform approach in choosing our tags?

Topic Tags
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I did some editing of the topic tags a while ago. None to the bodies of the posts themselves, rest assured.

Tags would be useful for searching topics by tags on the far top of the home page. (I also found out later that searching just by words would return great results, so tags or no tags, our forum's search engine is at its optimum best! Kudos to @capriccio for that👌) 

My guess is that they'd also be useful for search engines to "see" us, but I'm no expert on this. Would tags help with search engines' results @capriccio?



Jen Topic starter 10/10/2021 11:46 am

Thanks! @dinah

capriccio 10/10/2021 12:02 pm

@dinah Yes, tags can help with search engine rankings. I don’t think there’s a need for us to set any standards for consistency in the tags. They’re just a helpful additional tool for finding posts.