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How do I write a new post?

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Where is the button to write a new post rather than view existing ones? I wanted to ask if anyone had found a way using Apple Music to have it suggest a complete symphony, for example, rather than throwing up a single movement. I’m not at the stage of musical appreciation of requesting a particular soloist or conductor but it would be nice to at least be offered an entire work rather than single movement which is considered one song. I know I can search visually but using my HomePod or Siri, I need better syntax it seems. 

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Hello @Bertie57

On the home page click on the title of the sub-forum you want to include your post in, then there'll be this blue "add topic" button near the upper right corner. Click on that and you're good to go! 

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Ah, thanks Dinah. I could copy and paste my question about Apple Music in another forum but I think Capricio will fix it for me!