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Film: Following the Ninth

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This isn't a documentary about the music of Beethoven's 9th Symphony. It's really a documentary about the symphony's remarkable, universal appeal around the world.

I watched it about a year ago, and I'm hoping to find time to watch it again.

The owner of the film just made it available to watch for free on vimeo, in honor of Beethoven's birthday on December 16 - but it may disappear in a week or two.

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Thanks for this, Tim. I will try to find time to watch it today or tomorrow. I was one of likely many who were seduced by the 9th early in my classical music adventures. And, like many of my generation, came to it via "A Clockwork Orange". I can still see the small tape player Alex had with the yellow DG label on the tapes. It is a work, indeed, that many know the sound of, the choral part of the 4th movement, but know not its provenance.

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Thank you, Tim. What a fascinating film.

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Thank you so much @tim-h 🙏

It is still indeed available for viewing 👏. I plan to watch it very soon. I LOVE Beethoven's ninth!

Also, a belated very happy birthday to the great LVB, may he enjoy eternal bliss in the Elysian Fields. 

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I have downloaded it so I can watch it during the holidays. Thanks @tim-h.