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What is a motet?
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What is a motet?

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Posted by: @capriccio

am so passionate about it that for me it's just 'Dixit'. Itself. 


Such a glorious composition!

(It must've been wonderful singing it!)

Posted by: @capriccio

And it probably comes out on top. 

For me it definitely does, you know my weakness for Handel! 🤷‍♀️


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Many composers have set the words of O Magnum Mysterium as a motet.

One of my favourites is by Tomás Luis de Victoria:

I love the transition into the Alleluia.

Almost 400 years later, it seems that Francis Poulenc took inspiration from Victoria as he composed his motets:

I’m very fond, also, of his setting of O Magnum Mysterium, the first of the four Motets pour le temps de Noël.

But perhaps my favourite of Poulenc’s choral music is Litanies à la Vierge Noire, also on that album.  It is mysterious, very moving, and wonderful to sing.  (Although it probably isn’t a motet.)



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I'm a sucker for Morten Lauridsen's setting of O Magnum Mysterium. Rips my heart to shreds.


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