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Primephonic staff working for Apple

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Another sign that Apple are, hopefully, serious about developing a worthy successor to Primephonic is to see key Primephonic staff working for Apple. Of the names that I remember I see that, assuming their LinkedIn profiles are up to date, Guy Jones and Marina Boiko (both "Classical Music Editors") also Francesca Mariani ("Customer Care") are all there. (Ilona has moved to the LSO - "Marketing & Digital Co-ordinator".)

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Thanks for keeping track of all this - it’s reassuring information.

In a curious way it is also reassuring to me that Ilona left the team and is now working for LSO.  Given the way in which our community was so suddenly disrupted, perhaps it was an honourable move.  I wish her all the best in her new role.

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I just hope it is simply brought in under the “Apple Music” umbrella with its own branch off. It was a wonderful interface and easy to navigate. I find it very difficult to get new classical releases from Apple. As well, their specialized playlists based on my recent listening were designed to introduce not only new works, but often obscure or little known composers new to me. Let’s collectively pray none of these fine features, and high quality sound quality are abandoned.

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