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Strange bedfellows

Classical music and streaming services. Strange bedfellows they may be, but there are legions of us eager to see the two find common ground.

Life is Classical is a place to share our love of classical music and to find ways to enhance classical’s role in a world of ‘popular’ streaming music.

Whether it’s exploring how to bend services such as Spotify and Qobuz to our classical needs, sharing playlists, engaging in classical activism (advancing the cause of classical metadata?), or simply coming together with others who share our passion, Life is Classical is a place for you to dive in and frolic.

Those of you who’ve found this site after Apple consumed Primephonic – a special welcome. We all know that in addition to its tremendous catalogue, smart interface, and ever-improving search, one of the greatest gifts of Primephonic was its social hub, the Primephonic Community, a beautifully rich, inspiring, globe-spanning community of classical aficionados. We hope you find a new home in the Life is Classical forums.

 PS. If you prefer to get your classical fix from CDs, vinyl or anything but a stream, of course you, too, are welcome here!